CTS New HDS Laser Scanner

CTS are really pleased to announce we now have a HDS Laser Scanner.

The investment came with the award of a project from one of our key clients, We are using it for street scape condition surveys and traversing down manholes into sewers under londons streets. We are going the extra mile to produce this data for the designers to build an accrurate model and the early signs are very positive.

The scanner produces incredibly detailed point clouds and can be used to scan anything and in any enviroment. its dosent just stop their, the scanner also takes HD photography and once put through the powerful Cyclone software it creates a Trucolour 3D enviroment, The invesment went a little further with the add on of the publishing software which allow us to create Truview data which gives you a web space interface to view and use the results, you can then measure, annotate, snapshot and share with your business online with no fuss.

We are now searching for our first Historical site to put this amazing machine to work, Please get in touch...