CTS can provide 2D CAD services for projects ranging from Desktop Surveys, Topographical information, As-Builds & Planning design.

Our specialist has experience being office and site based for the past 30 years, working in the utilities industry.

Our attention to detail when collecting data in the field is essential to our cad design drawings, CTS designs and uses specially tailored feature code libraries to ensure the data collection process is accurate and complete.

We are constantly improving our data collection process and layer our information as per statutory undertakers which provides accurate information to assist in the C2,C3 and C4 processes.

CTS can also offer 3D CAD design drawings of underground pipe networks and street scapes.

Our drawings and designed in AutoCAD 2016 and can be imported in Revit for BIM modelling, our feature coding works in unison with the data collection process and import procedures, the block definitions contain all the attributes of the line styles and ensures accurate modelling.

From non-intrusive surveys to combined working with our clients on excavated areas the results are mm accurate and can also extend to designing new parts and assets which can be presented in the 3D CAD model.

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