The company can offer a C2/Plant enquiry to obtain drawings; preferably 6 weeks prior to excavation from the relevant statutory undertakers who have plant in the area of which the project is to be carried out. This service can extend to as many as 47 companies. Having as much information as this at the starting period of any project can be highly advantageous to the planning. This also aids the prevention of costs incurred to damaged apparatus which you could be unaware of without the information supplied within the enquiry. The enquiry is logged and reported to the client on completion along with a list of emergency numbers of the statutory undertakers. There is also a check carried out to identify High Pressure Gas Mains, Oil and Esso Pipelines. These are reported to the client prior to excavation to assist in the smooth running of the project.

CTS stat packs have been designed for ease of use, they are presented in PDF format with embedded clickable links, there is a key focus on providing clear and legible drawings.
The stat pack design enables the document to be used on modern day tablets, the links work on touch screens. The stat packs can also be supplied in an A3 bound (Fastback) pack.

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