This where CTS is at its best, we have been detecting underground pipes in London for the past 25 years, Our survey teams have built up a great knowledge and understanding of what's down there.

Now we can go a step further from our Utility detection methods by combing 3D laser scanning into our surveys. We are confined spaced trained and will enter any environment if necessary, Our survey team work well under pressure and will get into every nook and cranny, We have large collection of tripods that will suite any job.

Our drawings are designed in Cyclone, Cloud works and AutoCAD 2016 and can be imported in Revit for BIM modelling, our feature coding works in unison with the data collection process and import procedures, the block definitions contain all the attributes of the line styles and ensures accurate modelling.

From non-intrusive surveys to combined working with our clients on excavated areas the results are mm accurate and can also extend to designing new parts and assets which can be presented in the 3D cad model.

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