There is a growing need to avoid damage to buried utilities lines when digging. With this in mind CTS provides on-site mark-ups for underground utilities. RD8000s are used for the detection of underground utilities and the mark up indicates the various utilities with an easy to read key.
All underground utility detection is carried out by two man teams; this allows for health and safety conditions to be met and reduces the time taken to carry out the survey. On arrival the team will meet with the relevant personnel to identify the type of mark-up required. The team will then conduct their survey using RD8000 CAT and Genny's to detect underground utilities. Unfortunately not all utilities can be identified with this equipment alone, therefore all teams carry Signal Clamps/Flexi-trace/Sondes/Mice to assist with the location of Fibre Optic cables and duct work. Once located, utilities are identified with paint using the following code:

  • Electric: LV/HV/EHV and Street Lighting (RED)
  • Gas: Mains and Services (YELLOW)
  • Water: Mains and Services (BLUE)
  • Cable TV and Fibre Cable (GREEN)
  • Traffic Control Sensor Units and Miscellaneous (WHITE)

In order to provide you with as much information as possible not only are the utilities marked, where possible the sizes and configurations are also shown. On completion of the survey, the team will meet with the on-site personnel and walk through the job to discuss their findings.

Services Included

  • Detection of Electric cables, Gas and Water mains
  • Detection of Fibre Optic cable and duct work
  • Onsite Mark Up

CTS is committed in offering our clients the service of ground penetrating radar surveys, using all of our years of experience in locating buried pipes and having the opportunity in working alongside open trenches in and around London in some of the most congested footpaths and carriage ways in the UK.

Our knowledge can be channelled into GPR surveys, The sytem CTS has incorporated comes from the world leaders in GPR knowledge & support, we have access to a wide range of antennas to suit the specific project.

The survey could be to find a specific non-metallic pipe with an onsite mark up, wall or floor investigations or any type of void, the information can be recorded and presented in an easy to read format.

Combining our full plant enquiries, intensive utility surveys using the RD8000 & the RD/TX10 the area can also be GPR surveyed to give the most comprehensive survey available.

The GPR survey is quick and can be carried out in any environment; we offer a night service to overcome the traffic in and around London.

For more information on GPR surveys or any other of our services please get in touch, we are here to answer all of your questions. Head Office 01277 822102

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